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Get featured as an expert to Buffer’s 7-figure audience (+VIP treatment)

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Get featured as an expert to Buffer’s 7-figure audience (+VIP treatment)

**Update: We’ve already featured 12 members. 👀We’re so excited to share this ongoing opportunity to be featured on Buffer’s industry-leading blog!

👉🏽 Buffer is looking for Dreamers & Doers members who are small business owners to write first-person articles! This is your chance to share your expertise with 1.5M(!) readers per month, build your thought leadership, and get a bylined article!

Does this sound like you? 💫

  • You run a small business (~25 employees or less) that has seen some traction and have advice that others can learn from.

  • You’re mission-driven and want to make the world a better place.

  • You LOVE being super open and transparent and are comfortable sharing specifics about what’s worked and what hasn’t (and revenue/growth numbers where applicable).

  • You love Buffer (or at least aren’t actively using competitors like HootSuite).

  • BONUS! Buffer loves businesses with a product or physical storefront.

🌟*VIP treatment: Intimidated by writing? Great news! We can pair you with an expert ghostwriter to help you tell your story!*

🌟*OR #PaidOpp: If you decide not to go with a ghost writer, you can choose to get $ compensated for your article instead!*

📰 Buffer is excited about these three types of articles:

1) 💪🏽How I Did It: Your actionable playbook for success based on your experience

2) 🏆Marketing Wins: Specific marketing tactics that have helped you grow your business

3) 🧠Mental Health as a Business Owner: Getting super real and open about how you balance business and well-being

⏰ Until further notice this is an ongoing opportunity, but we recommend submitting sooner rather than later as we will be passing along submissions in batches, and the first batch will be submitted next week.

(Also, because this is a rolling opportunity, it may take 2-3 months for a pitch to be accepted. If you don’t hear back by then, feel free to submit a new one!)

➡️ Pitch your story (or 2) to get featured to Buffer's 1.5M readers! 🎉

Note: This is a by-application opportunity, and Buffer will make the final decision on each pitch. Should your pitch be accepted, you will be responsible for writing an 1000-1500 word article. We have 2 dreamy options to help you make it happen!

1️⃣ GET IT WRITTEN FOR YOU (🌟VIP TREATMENT)! Haven’t been published before? Don’t have time to write? We’ll pair you with a seasoned ghostwriter who knows Buffer’s style and will turn your brilliance into words free of charge.

2️⃣ WRITE IT YOURSELF (🌟AND GET PAID)! If you have been published in the past, you can also choose to write your own article (compensation provided).

** This is a D&D-exclusive offer—please don't share this outside D&D. Thank you!

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