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Ciela Hartanov Is Starting a Workplace Revolution. Here’s What You Need to Know.

An Interview With Brooke Bohinc

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Meet Ciela Hartanov, the Founder and CEO of humcollective, a consulting firm working with values-based organizations and progressive leaders to elevate human wisdom at work.

After being at companies such as Google and Qualcomm, Ciela leaned into the entrepreneurial tendencies of her youth to found humcollective. There, she partners with progressive organizations and leaders to offer transformative coaching and business solutions based on a values-driven approach. By fostering a deep understanding of the interconnection between human well-being and organizational success, humcollective empowers its clients to navigate complex challenges with resilience and purpose. Ciela’s emotional intelligence and distinct perspective play a pivotal role in guiding her company toward positive outcomes.

We asked Ciela about how feeling different impacted her entrepreneurial journey, the underappreciated leadership traits she’s uncovered, and what’s next for humcollective.

What problem does humcollective solve? 

In a landscape of constant change and uncertainty, values-based organizations face the challenge of bridging their commitment to human flourishing with business pressures. Industrial-era approaches offer little help. humcollective partners with progressive organizations and leaders to overcome burnout, manage the pace of change, and find enthusiasm about the uncertain future by doing the uncommon—reawakening human wisdom at work. We ask questions, leverage curiosity, and envision new possibilities for each team. This is the powerful antidote to uncertainty. The result is agency in the chaos, fortified leadership, and a reclaimed enthusiasm for the future—culminating in sustainable business results. 

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Have you ever felt like you’re “different”? If yes, in what ways has this contributed to your journey as an entrepreneur?

As a highly sensitive person who can detect subtle nuances and the emotional tenor of situations, I have felt different throughout my life. Embracing this power has been pivotal to my career. My capacity for creative breakthroughs often originates from my ability to observe situations from a distinctive perspective, leading me to develop a new workplace model that I use with clients. 

Did you always know that you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Reflecting on my childhood, I recognize entrepreneurial tendencies, such as going door-to-door with cards and magazines or setting up a cherry stand to sell fruit from the orchard. Even during graduate school, I ran a learning and development business on the side. However, I never fully identified as an entrepreneur; the title seemed too grand and imposing. Departing from my corporate role wasn't driven solely by a lifelong desire to be an entrepreneur. Instead, it stemmed from the realization that what I could provide held value beyond the confines of a single workplace.

Have you discovered any underappreciated leadership traits or misconceptions around leadership?

One of the most underappreciated leadership traits is self-awareness and reflection. It serves as the cornerstone of effective leadership, yet often gets overshadowed in the go-go-go of modern business. If we do not pause once in a while, we risk losing sight of the overarching goals and the deeper purpose behind our business. It's imperative to remain attuned to our core values, our purpose, and our presence to make a meaningful impact. Dedicating time for introspection and processing experiences allows us to make necessary adjustments as we navigate entrepreneurship. 

My capacity for creative breakthroughs often originates from my ability to observe situations from a distinctive perspective, leading me to develop a new workplace model that I use with clients.

What would you tell your younger self if you were to start your entrepreneurial journey all over again?

The degree of patience necessary to stay on the entrepreneurial course is considerable. I would tell my younger self that tangible results unfold over time, with each endeavor contributing a vital brick to the future. Even in moments of uncertainty, it is imperative to press forward with determination.

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What’s next for you and humcollective?

Over the past three years, humcollective has dedicated its efforts to refining a modern model of leadership and team effectiveness called The Sensitivity Paradigm™. Our aim now is expanded outreach to B Corps, social enterprises, groundbreaking startups tackling societal challenges, and forward-thinking leaders to share leadership programs designed specifically for them.

I am personally seeking to support more coaching clients in their journeys navigating life and leadership with a sense of completeness and coherence.

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