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As a member, you have access to our game-changing members-only groups, in addition to Dreamers & Doers' extended community. This page gives an overview of both, as well as a deep dive into essential members-only posting guidelines.

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D&D members-only groups

Highly curated

Need to be invited/referred to D&D membership, apply, get approved, and pay membership dues.


An incredibly thoughtful, powerful and authentic network of women that will completely transform both your professional and personal life.

D&D extended community

Somewhat vetted

Any trailblazing woman can request access to these groups, basic screening takes place.


By reaching a much wider audience, this is the perfect setting for finding your next hire or promoting an upcoming event.

Extended community

You also have access to Dreamers & Doers' extended community groups which are less high touch and curated, but that can still be utterly life-changing, depending on your specific needs.


Specifically, D&D Jobs & Careers with a reach of over 30k trailblazing women, is an incredibly powerful tool for finding your next hire or dream job/gig! Leverage D&D Housing for all your housing-related needs. Swing by local groups to share and find out about local happenings: NYCSFLAPHL, BOSMIA, DC, LondonBerlin

Members-only groups

Dreamers & Doers member-only groups is where the magic happens. The sky is the limit; but it all depends on what you put in. The more initiative you take - the more magical your experience will be!

Align yourself with Dreamers & Doers values and guidelines by being thoughtful (in your interactions), maintaining a high giving vs. asking ratio (while setting healthy boundaries) and emphasizing true connection with fellow members.

Giving culture

Core to Dreamers & Doers is its emphasis on giving and being #bettertogether.

Everyone has different strengths & enjoys giving in different ways. We leave it to you to decide how you can have the biggest impact! Be equally comfortable setting boundaries as needed. AKA give in a way that energizes you!

Get to know fellow members!

The more members you get to know, the more powerful your Dreamers & Doers journey will be!

Engage by joining calls, interacting in groups, posting an #introduction, helping fellow members with their asks, sharing your knowledge via an offer/Office Hours, or suggesting an online/offline get-together on a topic you’re passionate about.

Lean on us, always!

As a Dreamers & Doers member, you can reach out to us anytime, with any questions via or schedule a 1x1 call with us:

Community agreement

Dreamers & Doers strives to maintain a high-impact community that embodies its core values and membership criteria. We expect all members to understand and adhere to our guidelines and Community Agreement (not doing so may lead to non-renewal of Dreamers & Doers membership). The list of expected behaviors below is not all-inclusive. As a general rule of thumb we ask members to be thoughtful, considerate, and communicative - but also understanding of each other. Empathy, mutual understanding, and kindness tend to lead to better outcomes for everyone involved. Dreamers & Doers reserves the right to make changes to the Community Agreement.

Expected behaviors:

  • Maintain a huge giving > asking ratio.

  • Being conscious about setting healthy boundaries (focusing on giving in a way that energizes vs. depletes).

  • Being respectful of each other and each other’s time; this includes: 

    • ​Expressing gratitude to other members, either during/after 1x1 interactions, or by providing a shoutout in the Life & More group.

    • Following through with attending a member-hosted events you’ve RSVPed to or received a free ticket for.

    • Rescheduling member-offered 1x1 opportunities only if absolutely necessary.

    • Being proactive and communicative about changes in plans as they pertain to member offers or other arrangements made with members.

    • Never “hard selling” members on products/services, especially if it pertains to an offer that had been extended to the group.

    • Not engaging in cold outreach/solicitation of members.

    • Not assuming or expecting members to provide services for free (unless a specific offer on this has been made).

    • Not collecting/using email addresses shared within Dreamers & Doers groups for a purpose other than what the email addresses were provided for.

  • Being extremely thoughtful about referrals and recommendations made/having best interest of community members in mind:

    • ​Not recommending services without having a personal (and positive) working history with the service in question - and not recommending services just to receive free services or other benefits in return.

    • On the flip side, being vigilant when assessing service providers. Dreamers & Doers does not endorse any service provider recommendations made within the community. Recommendations should purely be viewed as an initial set of providers to do further research on, and to evaluate if they truly are a good fit.

  • Connecting with fellow members and trying to truly get to know them.

  • Proactively encouraging, cheerleading and supporting fellow members.

  • Familiarizing oneself with community and posting guidelines, and adhering to them.


You can use this (anonymous) form to provide positive or constructive feedback about specific members as well as member-recommended services. If you prefer, you may also hop on a brief 1x1 call with one of our team members to share your feedback. We don’t aim to play “referee”/”judge” (and situations rarely are black/white), but creating this feedback loop is immensely important to us as it provides us with the opportunity to take action, informs our overall decision-making, and helps hold everyone more accountable for their actions.

You may also fill out an anonymous form to provide feedback on your experiences with D&D.

Membership renewals

Membership renewal decisions are always made with the community in mind, and with an attempt to balance not only engagement within the community but also feedback from other members. These decisions are oftentimes based on our capacity to meet a member’s needs and our assessment of the group’s overall characteristics such as demographics and industry representation. Per Dreamers & Doers Terms of Use, decisions not to renew are within Dreamers & Doers discretion, and deliberations regarding these decisions are strictly confidential.

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