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How Hope Alcocer Is Helping Female Founders Gain Their Marketing Edge

Hope Alcocer's headshot
Hope Alcocer (Original photo credit: Patricia Koo // Still Love Photography)

Meet Hope Alcocer, the Owner and Founder of Wonder Woman Media LLC, a marketing firm dedicated to empowering female founders and their companies.

Hope’s journey to entrepreneurship took a positive and impactful turn when she moved from the Midwest to NYC and started working for a music-licensing company. After a series of successful positions in corporate and as a writer, Hope invested her time and energy fully into her role as a marketing agency founder post-pandemic. Her goal? To give women business owners the competitive edge. To help get them started, she offers discounts to female founders looking to make an impact.

We had the opportunity to interview Hope, asking about her background, the problems her company solves, and advice for anyone embarking on a similar journey.

Tell us about your career background. How has it led you to where you are today?

In 2010, while studying psychology and writing in college, I faced a major challenge—recovering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and post-concussion syndrome (PCS). This setback made it clear that pursuing further education to become a psychologist, my dream career, was not feasible. So, I turned to my first love, writing, which had always been a natural outlet for me. 

After college, I started editing part time, finding jobs on Craigslist and other gig sites. This quickly evolved into a full-time endeavor as social media began to gain significant traction. By 2012, I had expanded my services to include social media management, website design, and blog posting—leveraging skills I'd developed while working on my online magazine.  

In 2014, a client offered me a full-time freelance position at a well-known music licensing company in NYC. This opportunity prompted my move from the Midwest to NYC, where my career really began to take off. Over the next few years, I published two books, had the opportunity to speak to audiences across the country, and spent five years in corporate America.

While I never completely stopped working as an entrepreneur during this period, my entrepreneurial pursuits did take a backseat during the pre-pandemic years. However, the pandemic reinvigorated my entrepreneurial spirit, and I'm thrilled to be fully immersed in the world of marketing and business once again, running my company, Wonder Woman Media, on my own terms.

Hope Alcocer smiling
Photo credit: Patricia Koo // Still Love Photography)

Looking back, is there anything that you would change or do differently within your career journey? 

There are definitely aspects of my career journey I'd adjust if given the chance. Initially, I took on an overwhelming amount of work, which not only led to health issues but also burnout and mental fatigue. This overstretched approach didn't just affect me; my team suffered as well.

Additionally, my tendency to say "yes" to everything all the time resulted in unfinished tasks and overlooked mistakes. This experience taught me a crucial lesson: while you can have it all, it's not feasible to achieve everything simultaneously.

Tell us the story behind Woman Media LLC. What problem does your company solve? 

Wonder Woman Media LLC is a New York City-based remote marketing firm dedicated to empowering female founders and their companies. With nearly 14 years of industry leadership, we specialize in digital marketing, social media, analytics, public relations, and more. We provide a suite of affordable services tailored to the unique needs of women-owned businesses, including marketing, PR, and event planning for virtual gatherings, collectives, conferences, and panels.

At Wonder Woman Media, we believe that effective storytelling through marketing should be accessible to every female entrepreneur. To support this vision, we offer discounted services to any female founder, helping to level the playing field and enable these businesses to thrive in competitive markets. Our approach is not just about providing services; it's about crafting strategic narratives that resonate with audiences and drive engagement, making us a pivotal partner in our clients' success stories.

Photo of Hope Alcocer typing

What are the biggest challenges you’re currently facing, and how are you solving them? 

The biggest challenges I'm navigating now involve integrating my personal and professional worlds in a way that's harmonious for both my family and my business. For almost 14 years, my entrepreneurial journey had been a solo mission accompanied only by my pup and my business aspirations. Now, I have a partner in my life and three step kids.

This change has touched every aspect of how I operate. Travel plans, financial decisions, and goal setting now carry the weight of additional consideration—ensuring that what's good for my business doesn't disrupt our family life too much. It's a delicate mental dance of assessment and adaptation.

To manage this, I'm leaning into this new phase as a 'boss babe' wife and stepmom, constantly fine-tuning our routines to make sure I have the energy to give my all to both my family and my business. It's about finding that sweet spot where personal happiness and professional success don't just coexist but complement each other, enhancing both sides of the coin.


What’s something you do outside of work that makes you a better leader?

I’ve found that keeping a steady flow of fresh perspectives and ideas is key to my leadership. I’m always tuned into something—podcasts during my commute, music that sets the rhythm of my day, or spiritual videos my momma sends me that help me pause and reflect. And I love jumping into Zoom calls to exchange stories and insights with my vibrant community.

I’m naturally wired to seek out continuous learning. Even in downtime, my mind prefers the company of a good book or an intriguing talk. It’s how I stay inspired and energized. This ongoing learning journey keeps me grounded and equipped to lead with more than just strategy but with genuine human connection and a readiness to tackle whatever comes next.

Image of Hope Alcocer sitting down smiling
Photo credit: Patricia Koo // Still Love Photography)

What advice would you give someone starting out on the journey you’re on? 

It is crucial to avoid the common trap of comparing your journey to others', especially in environments rich with accomplished peers. Remember, we all have unique goals and purposes—what drives one person may not be what drives you. Even if you encounter someone in the same industry with a seemingly perfect highlight reel, it's important to recognize that your paths and business models are distinct. Each moment spent in comparison is a minute lost from your own valuable life. Focus on your individual journey, embrace your distinctiveness, and keep moving forward with your eyes on your own objectives. This mindset will not only save you from unnecessary stress but also allow you to fully invest in crafting your own success story.

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