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How Raquel Rojo Calderón Is Unlocking Confidence Through Personal Style

Meet Raquel Rojo Calderón, the Founder and CEO of Innata Style, a personal style coaching service dedicated to transforming the way professionals feel about themselves through fashion. 

Raquel’s journey began with an epiphany born from a decade-long career that left her drained and disconnected from her true passion. Amidst the burnout, a spark of inspiration illuimated her path toward a new calling: helping her colleagues and friends look and feel confident by harnessing the power of personal style. Raquel’s innovative Innata Style Program guides her clients to transform their wardrobes from a source of overwhelm to one of pride and accomplishment. Her unique approach simplifies lives, nurtures unwavering confidence, and equips individuals with the tools to effortlessly master their own distinctive style.

In this interview, we dive deeper into what makes Innata Style a game changer in the world of fashion and how Raquel’s scientific approach to personal style is reshaping the way we perceive ourselves and our wardrobes. 

Q: Tell us the story behind your company’s founding. How and why did you start working on Innata Style?

A: Innata's journey started with a classic case of burnout and a big "a-ha" moment. I realized I had spent 10 years on a previous career that no longer excited me, making me feel disconnected from my true calling.

Amidst all that exhaustion and frustration, I had unwittingly been nurturing a passion for something completely different, something that deeply resonated with my core values and made me genuinely happy. And that something was helping my colleagues and friends look and feel confident through their fashion choices.

This newfound clarity led me to explore personal style deeply, delving into both its fashion and psychological aspects. And let me tell you, I saw firsthand just how personal style can boost your confidence and self-esteem. It's not just about looking good; it's like a superpower for expressing yourself and feeling better about who you are.

Q: What problem does Innata Style solve? 

A: My business addresses the prevalent problem of feeling lost and powerless despite the abundance of fashion choices available today. People often expend significant resources trying to navigate the complex and intimidating fashion industry only to constantly feel like they fall short of their style goals. Our Innata Style Program is designed to empower even the most accomplished individuals to no longer feel overwhelmed or disempowered by their wardrobe choices but rather to incorporate their wardrobe as a source of pride and accomplishment.

Q: What makes Innata Style different from other companies in the industry?

A: What sets my service apart is style coaching—it's a modern take on traditional personal styling. Instead of imposing my fashion preferences or chasing fleeting trends, I act as a guide, aiding individuals in uncovering and embracing their distinct style. You might be wondering, "If it's not about your style or fashion directives, what's the secret sauce?" Well, here's the cool part—it's science! 

A significant part of what we perceive as personal style, beauty, or fashionable appearances is deeply connected to fundamental processes in our subconscious minds. My role is to convey these principles in straightforward and practical ways that enable my clients to instantly elevate their appearance. It's like cracking the code of effortless style. This approach not only simplifies your life but also cultivates unwavering confidence as you gain clarity and grow resilient against external pressures.

Q: Have you ever felt like you’re “different”? If yes, in what ways has this contributed to your journey as an entrepreneur?

A: I've always felt like something of an outsider in the fashion world. My background doesn't involve Vogue or attending fashion weeks. Instead, I see myself as an external observer and translator of this complex world. My mission is to strip away the industry fluff and jargon, particularly for ambitious high-achievers like myself who have more on their plates than keeping up with the latest extravagance in Milan and yet want and deserve to look and feel good. And, interestingly, the "hard skills" I honed during my previous career as an engineer and management consultant have proven highly valuable in bridging this gap. 

Q: What’s been the most unexpected part of your entrepreneurial journey?

A: How hard it's been to change who I am on the inside. During my time in management consulting, I may have been unhappy, but I had a clear sense of who I was. However, becoming the founder of a creative endeavor raised numerous questions.

I realized—with a lot of help—that I was carrying limiting beliefs and worldviews that no longer served me in this new chapter. These beliefs and the accompanying emotions were disrupting my motivation and consistency, even when I was confident that I was on the right path.

So it's not solely about devising business strategies. It's also about addressing emotional barriers and allowing your identity to evolve in harmony with your changing circumstances.

Q: What resources or people have contributed the most to your successes?

A: Belonging to communities with people who share similar values and motivations has truly transformed my journey. It's taught me that true value isn't achieved in isolation. It blossoms when a group of like-minded individuals comes together to provide support, much like a close-knit village. 

Dreamers & Doers has been the linchpin of this experience for me. They've not only helped me find contractors and make friends in a new city but also kept me well-informed and on my toes regarding entrepreneurial happenings worldwide.

Q: What would you tell your younger self if you were to start your entrepreneurial journey all over again?

A: My entrepreneurial journey has been an incredible journey of self-discovery. Contrary to flashy marketing promises, it's not a shortcut to instant wealth. Rather, it's a thrilling roller coaster that compels you to confront your deepest fears and embrace accountability for your choices. 

Despite the inescapable challenges, I would wholeheartedly embark on this journey again. The remarkable personal and professional growth it has afforded me makes it an adventure worth experiencing.

Q: What’s next for you and Innata Style?

A: I’m working on making our program more accessible by creating a self-guided course for people to learn personal style at their own pace. At the same time, I want to keep improving our technology. So we're actively seeking funding opportunities to bring in new tech and make the process of matching individuals with the right clothes for them even better.

Raquel is a member of Dreamers & Doers, an award-winning community that amplifies extraordinary women entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders by securing PR, forging authentic connections, and curating high-impact resources. Learn more about Dreamers & Doers and get involved here.

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