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Chuan Skincare

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Ada Chen


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Chuan Skincare is an affordable, handcrafted skincare line, made from all natural ingredients. My products include clay masks, facial oils, lotion bars, cleansers, self-care sets and more. I'm committed to sustainable practices, and donate 5% of sales to social justice nonprofits

I research and test every formula myself, using all natural ingredients that are beneficial for your skin and safe for topical use. Once I'm happy with a recipe, sample are sent to a diverse group of product testers for their feedback, and formulas are iterated on until I'm happy with the production-ready result. All of my products are handcrafted and packaged & shipped as sustainably as possible.

If you're interested in natural skincare, but not sure where to start, or just want a completely unique product for your skincare concerns, I also offer custom facial oils and clay masks.

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