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A manifestation tool that helps articulate your dreams for the year ahead into reality through a customized artwork you can look at every day! Transformed into art by the Dreame Collective of artists. Shipped directly to your home as a stunning Framed Fine Art Print with a phone case option once you receive your artwork.

“Individuals are drawn to Dreamlist because they are introspective and curious about how and why they operate. “They are vision boards artified with more attention to detail" according to Anna in Brooklyn, a four time Dreamlist creator.

According to Harvard research, writing down our goals increases the chances of accomplishing them by 60%. There is additional value and catharsis in turning our dreams into art. After a successful pilot with dreamers in over 20 countries, from Taiwan to France sending in their goals, Dreame has discovered that 90% of the dreams have been accomplished when visualized.

We also do company workshops - https://about.drea.me/dream-worksho

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