Keep or Toss

Keep or Toss

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Moira Dennis


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Keep or Toss is the ultimate destination for fashion decisions that gives you real time results. Wondering if you should keep that tee shirt, donate an old pair of shoes, or buy those jeans, or wear a certain dress for a zoom date?? Get real time results with Keep or Toss. Just share a photo of the item you’re unsure about and the community will tell you whether it’s a keep or a toss. It’s a new, useful way to social.

Keep or Toss helps you crowdsource your way to a functional and stylish closet.

Save photos to a wishlist for future purchases and closet inspiration, organize your closet, get shopping advice, take a peek into what other people have in their wardrobes, follow other users that inspire you, explore what is trending by looking at the different Spotlights found at the top of the home feed, and see if the trend works for you by including your post in a spotlight (just use the #tag associated with the spotlight).
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