On Deck Customer Success Fellowship

On Deck Customer Success Fellowship

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Kelly Hook


10% off for any DD applicant that is selected

ODCS is an 8-week remote program for senior customer success operators and executives who want to expand their knowledge, build customer centric cultures and maximize their potential as leaders.
Customer Success is an essential function of modern businesses today. As a customer success leader, you play a critical role in improving customer satisfaction, reducing churn, handling onboarding and ultimately, creating sustainable business growth.
But there isn't a clear blueprint for how to run CS in organizations. You often have to rely on trial and error or loose frameworks to navigate complex business challenges. And CS as an industry is still fairly new, so analyzing and presenting CS ROI to peers, team members and leadership can be challenging.
ODCS helps with navigating common CS challenges like churn mitigation and onboarding strategy, connecting with other CS experts to share best practices and exploring core leadership principles — everything CS leaders need to empower their team

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