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Get featured via a Business Insider individual spotlight on loneliness as a CEO/Founder

Media Placement

Get featured via a Business Insider individual spotlight on loneliness as a CEO/Founder

The D&D team in direct touch with one of Business Insider’s senior editors who would love to spotlight Dreamers & Doers members through individual essays/articles on loneliness as CEOs and founders!

Do you have a strong take on loneliness as a CEO/Founder? Does this topic deeply resonate with you and is this something you could write about very candidly? If yes, Insider would love to hear your take!

✔️ Next steps:
1) Submit a short pitch via this D&D-exclusive form
2) Once approved, you’ll work directly with Business Insider’s editorial team to get your article publish-ready.

💡Pro tip: Business Insider loves specific details and has a very conversational voice.

Here questions you can take into account when submitting your short pitch:

  • How did the loneliness show itself in your work/life?

  • Did the loneliness contribute to your stress levels at all? What other effects did it have?

  • Did you seek any help or let others know how you are feeling?

  • Why do you think you felt lonely? Is it lonelier than other jobs you've had?

  • Any advice for other people in similar roles who are combating loneliness?

  • Looking back to your first days in the role, is there any advice you'd give your former self? Anything you'd do differently?

  • What were the other big challenges in the role?

  • Are you an extrovert or an introvert?

  • How did your personal life come into play?

  • Who are/were you closest to in the role?

  • Do you have any mentors that you've discussed this with?

➡️ Submit a short pitch on CEO/founder loneliness and get featured via an individual Business Insider spotlight! 💥

FYI, this is not a paid writing opportunity—but could be a very appealing opportunity for you if you’re looking for visibility for your company and/or yourself.

*This is a D&D-exclusive offer, please don't share this outside D&D. Thank you!*

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