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PR Hype Machine

You're brilliant and we want the world to know it.

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Amplifying you and the amazing work you do.

As a Dreamers & Doers member you are supported by a dedicated editorial team—aka your “PR hype machine”. We work with powerful content partners to provide you with news-worthy and convenient opportunities to show up in reputable publications, podcasts, stages, and more.

Build credibility, establish yourself as a thought leader, and maximize your impact on the world.

PR  opportunities that will enrich your journey

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“Dreamers & Doers is hands-down the most impactful and action-oriented community that I’m a part of."

I’ve had so many PR opportunities through D&D that I’ve been able to leverage into content across multiple channels as well as bolster investor interest.

KRISTEN CARBONE Founder & CEO, Brilliantly

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How Dreamers & Doers’
PR hype machine amplifies  you:


Get featured in major publications (*examples below)


Receive support from D&D’s dedicated editorial team

All your submissions are professionally edited before being passed on to publications

Receive thoughtfully designed social media assets whenever you've been published


Interview as a guest on relevant podcasts


Apply for various public speaking opportunities

Past speaking opportunities have included organizations such as Harvard, Princeton, NorthEastern, Ad World, Nasdaq, and more!


Partake in ~weekly writing and thought leadership accountability sessions


Benefit from countless other carefully curated visibility opportunities

Such as HARO, TEDx, and more!

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Some of our powerful content partners:

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Our PR hype machine is just one  component of Dreamers & Doers’ membership offerings:

What does Dreamers & Doers’ agile approach to PR entail?

We believe increasing your visibility and credibility should be simple, seamless, and cost-efficient. Our agile approach to PR involves working with select content partners to create streamlined opportunities to raise your profile and build major clout. This approach amplifies you and your work so you can increase your impact without investing the huge amounts of time, energy, and resources that great visibility opportunities often demand. Our offerings are intentionally distinct from what a PR agency or publicist may cater to, which is why you won’t find individual pitching or press outreach with Dreamers & Doers. This strategic choice makes our PR hype machine much more accessible—and that’s the goal.

Why is PR a core offering for Dreamers & Doers?

We believe that amplifying women in the media (and beyond) is a crucial component to creating real and lasting change in the world. On an individual level, we live in a world where receiving credibility from investors, potential partners, customers, and the general public can make or break a person’s success. PR is a powerful tool for building that credibility and ensuring women (and other underrepresented individuals) have the biggest impact possible. On a systemic level, we often only aspire to be what we can see. By shifting who and what gets highlighted in the media and other highly visible platforms, we can help a more diverse group of people see themselves represented and dare to start companies and reach for leadership positions. We believe by #LeadingVisibly our members and the work they do will shine a light for generations to come.


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See our PR Hype Machine in action.

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Here are the most recent articles our dedicated editorial team was able to feature members in (and the type of visibility that you can expect as a member).
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Female Founders Share Why They Bootstrapped Over Raising Outside Funding

September 27, 2021


20 Successful Women Share Their Best Self-Care Advice

July 1, 2021


How to Delegate Tasks Effectively and in a Way That Feels Comfortable

May 18, 2021


33 Women on How Their Upbringings Helped Shape Their Success Today

August 16, 2021


Women Leaders on How to Build an Inclusive Team Culture

May 25, 2021


5 Female Founders on How They Learned to Delegate

May 17, 2021


Entrepreneurial Women: How Asking for Help Transformed Their Journey

July 12, 2021


How to Run a Company That’s Aligned With Your Values

May 21, 2021


Pro Tips For Attracting New Customers On A Shoestring Budget

April 22, 2021

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Accelerate  your journey with PR.

Efficient and powerful PR

“The visibility and press opportunities have been instrumental in helping me expand my brand awareness."

“Dreamers & Doers makes it so simple to make a thoughtful contribution to articles."

TRISH GUPTA BOES Learning & Development Consultant

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