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Chante Harris Is Pioneering Climate Solutions Through Insight and Innovation. Here’s How.

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Meet Chante Harris, the Founder and Managing Partner of Eunoia, a group dedicated to transforming the climate technology landscape.

A belief in collective well-being has been a cornerstone in Chante’s journey, passed down since childhood from a community of problem solvers. Fueled by a multidisciplinary approach, she has developed a unique ability to identify and leverage often overlooked insights within the climate sector. Chante’s perspective on the world’s challenges and opportunities has become her strength, allowing her to inspire others and work toward shared goals. Looking ahead, Chante is focused on growing Eunoia’s impact, driven by the crucial need to increase capital deployment for climate solutions. 

We asked Chante about the problem Eunoia solves, how her past experiences contribute to how she operates as an entrepreneur, and what’s next for her and her company.

Tell us the story behind your company’s founding. How and why did you start working on Eunoia?

We're in a crucial time where there is a major increase in capital flowing into climate technologies and climate-related projects. However, there is still a huge gap in the funding needed to reach our global sustainability goals. Throughout my career, I have worked across climate technology, investment, and deployment, equipping startups, capital allocators, and corporations with the strategies they need to advance adoption. Most approaches focus too narrowly, only looking at an individual company, project, or vehicle. But to succeed, climate solutions must be part of a bigger system that integrates infrastructure, existing financial tools, new applications, and community stake. So how can we make sure all this new investment tackles the biggest challenges, catalyzes additional capital, and moves us toward a greener future? Eunoia Group is using proven tools in novel ways to help climate funders and founders map, derisk, and accelerate pre-development and deployment. We partner with companies across sectors—from energy and transportation, to urban agriculture and construction, to hardware information systems, circular design, and carbon management.

Chante Harris leaving High Street Brooklyn Bridge Metro Station

What problem does Eunoia solve? 

Inventing new technologies is not enough to decarbonize industries and communities. We need to build entire networks of infrastructure on a large scale—networks that these innovations depend on. This involves moving from promising ideas to making them work in the market, which can be a tough transition known as "the valley of death." This challenge has long been recognized, especially for companies scaling up hardware-based solutions. 

To overcome it, they have to navigate through various complex processes like zoning analysis, feasibility assessments, permitting, environmental checks, procurement, and structured finance. Despite these hurdles, there are reasons to be hopeful. We've tackled similar challenges before. Just think about the initial stages of innovation, which used to receive little funding compared to other sectors. Four years ago, this was a major focus for me and many others. Since then, we've witnessed a significant shift. Climate technology has gone from being neglected to being heavily invested in.

Eunoia Group is using proven tools in novel ways to help climate funders and founders map, derisk, and accelerate pre-development and deployment.

What makes Eunoia different from other similar companies in the industry?

Despite the market this past year, we saw continued investments in decarbonization efforts and the resilience of early investment. Additionally, the start of this year demonstrated financiers doubling down on clean energy adoption. BlackRock acquired Global Infrastructure Partners for $12.5 billion. Unlike other firms focused on one instrument and approach in this space, Eunoia builds the necessary tools and pairs them with the best capital strategies to demystify technology while delivering highly competitive risk-adjusted returns. Our approach integrates data and analytics, innovative capital strategies, and shared insights to power a new climate reality.

In what ways has your upbringing or past experiences contributed to how you operate as an entrepreneur?

My entrepreneurial journey has been deeply influenced by the values instilled in me since childhood. Surrounded by individuals dedicated to collective well-being, I've inherited a knack for problem solving. Throughout my professional journey, I've been inspired by others who are invigorated about addressing our world's most pressing issues. This has reinforced my belief in our collective ability to create solutions.

Whether it's fundraising for and leading national campaigns in Washington D.C. or developing strategies for large-scale, energy-efficient projects worldwide, I thrive on applying a multidisciplinary approach to my work. This versatility is not just a skill; it's second nature to me and forms the cornerstone of my expertise.

Have you ever felt like you’re “different”? If yes, in what ways has this contributed to your journey as an entrepreneur?

Yes, but mainly because I’ve been constantly told I am by people I respect and admire. Rather than seeing it as a burden or misfortune I’ve come to appreciate the unique way I view the world, its challenges, and opportunities. I hope to inspire that perception in others so that they too can own their narrative. 

One of my first supervisors once said to me, “Chante, you think others see the world the way you do. Most of them do not. How are you going to help them better understand you and your gifts?” 

This comment has been and continues to be instrumental to the path I create as an entrepreneur. I always knew that I had a knack and interest in identifying overlooked insights that come from being able to understand layered challenges like our climate. Now I use this skill every day when building my company, providing value to my customers, and fostering collaboration toward shared goals.

Cultivating curiosity fuels my fascination with how collective inquiry drives significant societal innovations.

 In front of the Brooklyn Bridge, Chante Harris smiles calmly

What have you learned about building a team and a support network around yourself?

Throughout my life, I've prioritized building networks, fostering communities, and working within teams. This intentional choice stems from the belief that to forge new paths, we cannot solely depend on ourselves or past practices. While historical insights are valuable for company building, they must serve as guides for shaping fresh approaches alongside team exploration. Cultivating curiosity fuels my fascination with how collective inquiry drives significant societal innovations. I firmly believe that success comes from collaboration with trusted individuals who share our beliefs and values.

What’s next for you and Eunoia?

I left my prior role in 2022 after realizing the number of institutional investors in need of strategic advisory services. Since then, I’ve been committed to getting to the heart of how we exponentially increase the capital being deployed and its applications to the most crucial areas globally. Eunoia is a new firm. My goal is to continue building a suite of tools, capital applications, and stories that accelerate the energy transition while increasing capacity for founders and funders at the helm. 

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