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These Womxn-Founded Products and Services Will Help You Create a Healthier, Happier Life

At the start of this new decade, many people were envisioning that 2020 was “going to be their year” —the year they made incredible strides towards their goals, prioritized their health and fitness, took their dream trips, started investing.

Well, it’s safe to say 2020 may not have been the year we all anticipated.

But despite the obstacles we’ve all faced in one way or another, why can’t 2020 still be our year? After all, we are ultimately in charge of how we respond to situations outside of our control.

To provide us all with tangible ideas to help us finish out the year strong, we tapped into the Dreamers & Doers collective to source their recommendations for how we can create healthier, happier lives for ourselves.

The result is an eclectic list of womxn-owned products and services with a common thread: a goal of empowering you to live the healthiest, happiest version of your life.

A hands-on coaching program that helps super busy high achievers get clear and focused so they can achieve the goals that matter most.

“Through Take Back Your Time, I help super busy high achievers who are pulled in so many different directions day to day cut through the noise and pressures of the million and one things on their plate to get clear and focused on achieving those goals that truly matter to them most. This is especially powerful for women because we’re socialized to prioritize everyone else’s needs ahead of our own. I help my clients craft a holistic vision for their lives, then maximize their true potential to make that vision a reality.”

- Whitney White, Founder

A platform of support where parents can track, value, share, and leverage the unpaid work they do each day to care for their families

“The ‘Mental Load’ is the invisible work required to keep a family running smoothly. Studies show that the overwhelming majority of this work falls on women. Because this work is unmeasured and uncompensated, it’s undervalued in our society, so we built Tend: Task Manager & Journal, a mobile app that gives women a place to track and value their caregiving work so that they can make better, more informed choices about how they spend their time. My co-founder, Aileen Kelly, and I were long time stay at home moms. As our children grew and we prepared to re-enter the workforce, we saw the impact the caregiving work we had done had on our earning potential. Being moms had taught us so much and prepared us to be better professionals. We knew there had to be a way to give value to this work. What would it have looked like if we had tracked the work we did over time? What would it look like if lots of women did too?”

- Felicia Kashevaroff, Co-Founder and CEO

Empowering women to understand their body and proactively seek the care they need

“Gabbi equips women with the tools to be the experts on their bodies so they can be proactive and take action. Through our risk calculator and actionable insights, you are able to understand your personal risks and the specific steps you can take to decrease your risks—from lifestyle changes to getting a breast mammogram! 90% of women don't know their risks and my mom was one of them. I had the opportunity to be part of the 10% and am now a survivor. I created this product to change this statistic!”

- Kaitlin Christine, Founder and CEO

A virtual, faith-based wellness support group for women that offers custom meal plan development and exercise training plan development.

“Our ministry is a virtual, faith-based wellness support group whose sole mission is to help women live the Fit, Fyne & Fabulous life they have always dreamed of. FFF offers custom meal plan development, exercise training plan development, team-based virtual support and accountability; along with consistent inspiration and motivation through monthly challenges and online health, wellness, and beauty courses that are offered throughout the year. Obesity is a serious concern because it's one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in the US, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even some forms of cancer. With almost half of all Black adults obese, overweight, and plagued with preventible diseases, Fit, Fyne & Fabulous was created to address these issues through health and wellness education, support, and engagement.”

- Nicole Twyman, Owner

Empowering speakers and singers to have healthy, strong voices so that they can share their message with the world

“Part of what is keeping so many women stuck is that they don't know how to speak up for themselves. In the Voice Body Connection community, and on the podcast and in courses, we focus on letting our authentic voice out so that we can show up with power in the world! I lost my own voice when I was 21 years old, after spending my whole youth as a performer. It felt like I had lost my identity, and that made me realize that so many of us feel out of alignment with our voices. Now it's my mission to help people come back into alignment, release the blocks that are keeping them stuck, and share their message with the world!”

- Elissa Weinzimmer, Founder

A destination discovery platform that helps people plan trips to experiences that match their interests in places they might not expect.

“I think that women are both innate and socially conditioned to be multi-taskers and problem solvers. The result is at the end of a given day, we have often taken care of everyone's needs but our own. My research showed that even with family and group vacation planning, women are often taking the lead, meaning it's work to even enjoy leisure time. License to Drift offers a service that makes the trip planning process easier and in turn facilitates more frequent opportunities for fun and rejuvenation. During the pandemic, consumers still seek experiences while also keeping safe and socially distant. We have and will be continuing to highlight virtual and local, domestic experiences that offer some escape while also being mindful of public health recommendations.”

- Alexandria Carroll, Founder and CEO

Inspiring purposeful family adventures at home and on the go.

“Moms carry an incredible amount of the mental load when it comes to purposeful family time, how their children spend time when they’re working, and everything in between. We make it easier to find activities and perfect family days that make moms feel like a superhero—activities that equally nourish the needs of the whole family. I struggled as a working mom finding balance and spent a lot of time doing research to ensure the time together outside of work was meaningful and restorative. I would search 10+ websites and spend countless hours planning. I knew there had to be a better way.” 

- Caitlin Iseler, Founder and CEO

A social enterprise that creates art-based experiences, trips, and private group events designed to connect, inspire, and empower women. 

“I carefully curate and produce art-based experiences that encourage attendees to push their boundaries, discover new perspectives and more deeply understand themselves and the world around them—so they are better equipped to shape it. At every Women of Culture experience, attendees discover new art, awaken their curiosity and creativity, and connect with a tribe of fellow art-minded women. My belief is that meaningful engagement with the arts helps women to open and expand their minds so they are more available to deeply connect with others, simultaneously learning about themselves and the world around them—all things that help to create a healthier, happier life!”

- Alexandra Harper, Founder

Wearable, reusable hot and cold packs that relieve private body part pain, swelling, and discomfort on-the-go.

“Millions of people in the US experience chronic vulvar pain. Our ergonomic heating and cooling pads make it easy to manage private pain naturally and discreetly. After a Brazilian wax left me with excruciating second-degree burns on my lady parts, I was so desperate, I got creative. I sketched the first Private Packs in my journal that night. I spoke to vulva-owners about their experiences with pain and trauma and discovered how many women wanted a portable, mess-free solution.”

- Suzanne Sinatra, Founder and CEO 

An app for finding activity partners for shared adventures and experiences.

“Life is often happiest when we can share incredible moments or experiences with other people. For women who want to explore fun things to do in their home city or when they travel—but may not have friends free to join them—we created Adventurely's app to help easily find activity partners. NYC is the first US city in our domestic roll out, and we curated a range of outdoor and socially distanced things to do in NYC and find activity partners for. With quarantine fatigue leaving a lot of people feeling especially lonely and isolated these days, Adventurely can hopefully offer a little relief in making new friends without being in a large crowd, and while satisfying a need for a bit of adventure.”

- Mita Carriman, Founder and CEO

An ecosystem of health and fitness apps that are created to maintain all the aspects of health. 

“While working at a media company, I witnessed the rapidly growing demand for high-quality health and fitness content. I conducted some preliminary research and found out that over 90 million American adults and 13 million children were obese in 2016.  A Google search query for “How to lose weight” was ranked fourth in the general how-to category. BetterMe is determined to improve physical and mental health by providing simple and gamified solutions to people with no fitness or meditation experience, who are new to the concept of a healthy lifestyle but suffer from those health problems. The mission of BetterMe is ‘Creating happiness within.”   

- Victoria Repa, Co-Founder and CEO

Frozen bone broths with ingredients sourced from Southern New England. 

“Lily's Ladle Bone Broths are crafted to coax maximum health benefits. Our Chicken and Beef Bone Broths are high protein, full of collagen, glucosamine chondroitin, amino acids and more. These nutrients serve the body by helping us to satiate hunger, build glowing skin, hair and nails, repair gut discomfort, promote healthy sleep cycles, and bolster the immune system. Lily's Ladle Veggie Mineral Broth serves the vegetarian and vegan body through plants. Our ingredients include sweet potato, kelp, juniper berry and garlic. But best is that it's easy to use—simply add to your food in the same way you would any other broth from a box or can—and it tastes beyond wonderful. We are lucky to live in New England and have access to fabulous meat and veggie farms in close driving distance. As I do for my own family, I personally choose farms with sustainable farming practices; meaning meats free of growth hormones or antibiotics, and veggies free of chemicals. Everything that goes into the Lily's Ladle pots is something I would feed to my own growing family.”

- Lily Scott, Founder

13. Aila

A fitness nutrition brand for the modern active woman.

“Aila offers a matcha and plant-based pre-workout for women. A pre-workout is a supplement, usually in powdered form, that is taken before physical activity or a workout to increase overall energy and performance. When time and energy is often limited, we provide a convenient, natural product women can trust to not only energize them for, but also help them get the best out of their workout. I wanted to build a real brand around empowering active women with a natural product that they could trust and feel good about putting in their body.”

- Katie Webb, Founder and CEO

A lingerie and loungewear collection nurturing changes in a woman's body following breast cancer and other meaningful life events. 

“Everviolet creates high-quality, beautiful, and sustainable lingerie and loungewear for real women with evolving bodies. Whether you have special needs due to surgery or cancer, or you have experienced body changes after pregnancy or menopause, our mission is to promote confidence and comfort and enable women to reclaim a sense of self and femininity following significant life events. Everviolet was born out of my personal journey with breast cancer and my inability to find comfortable, well fitting, AND attractive lingerie to wear throughout the healing process and beyond. The more women I spoke with, the more I found this issue to be not only universal following a myriad of physical experiences, but also a barrier to emotional and psychological healing. It was with that realization that I decided to pay my good prognosis forward and solve this issue for other women.”

- Keira Kotler, Founder and CEO

Oral care products that are incredibly effective, backed by science, and 100% clean.

“We wanted to create oral care products that were safe for the entire family. Women are busy enough that they shouldn’t have to think twice about the safety and effectiveness behind a product. It is an easy, natural swap each day that can eliminate toxins that you use 700 times a year. It seems small but can make a big impact on your health. We are a non-toxic oral care company founded on the belief that your products can be clean but also effective by using hydroxyapatite instead of fluoride.”

- Kori Estrada, Co-Founder

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