Turning mutual support into a competitive edge. 

We are givers and doers; dreamers and rule-breakers. We exist to define a new status quo. We’re building a world where mutual support is a competitive edge.

Membership perks:


We provide curated and exclusive press and public speaking opportunities that our  members can leverage to consistently raise their profile across a variety of industries. 


Our private collective fosters deep connections between extraordinary womxn who mutually support each other in achieving audacious personal and professional dreams.


Our entrepreneurial ecosystem provides access to high-impact resources, knowledge and opportunities for members to take their businesses to the next level. 


"Joining D&D was the best investment I made for professional growth. I’ve been offered speaking opportunities around the country, featured in dozens of press outlets and given incredible resources to advance myself and my company."

Kate Anderson

Co-Founder & Ops Director, iFundWomen

"Being a member of Dreamers & Doers means having an army of generous, powerful women who have your back. It’s a catalyst for building a network that’s rooted in real relationships that will open doors for you."

Danielle Kayembe

CEO & Founder, GreyFire Impact

"What I love the absolute most about this community is the mutual support: how everyone is lifted up by one another. Dreamers & Doers is a north star for how virtual communities should be - I’m so grateful for it."

Vanessa Liu

VP, SAP.IO Foundries

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Shifting the status quo

We’re shifting the status quo by providing a platform for women leaders to support one another on their journeys. Connection is our foundation and the great multiplier of our success.

We are Dreamers & Doers. 

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