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Join world-class experts in sharing your knowledge via a Growclass workshop

Media Placement, #DirectAccess, Other PR

Join world-class experts in sharing your knowledge via a Growclass workshop

🎙️ Share your expertise with a global community!

We’re excited to be passing along this direct access opportunity to share your expertise with Growclass, a global community in online education and hands down one of the best communities out there hailed as the “kindest corner of the internet”. We’re connected to Sarah Stockdale, Growclass’ CEO and would love for Dreamers & Doers members to share their talents with their community!

🚀 Growclass is an inclusive space for marketers, founders, and freelancers who want to develop their personal and professional skills (i.e. a highly desirable audience). The community is made up of women, marginalized folks, and allies.

🌟 You’ll be in great company as instructors are world-class entrepreneurs, founders, C-suite executives from a variety of backgrounds and industries and work for companies such as LinkedIn, Shopify, Google, Airbnb, Pinterest, and more.

There’s a lot you can speak on! Many topics are of interest to the Growclass community, but below are the topics most likely to be currently accepted: 

  • Career Sessions: interviewing, negotiating, job search, managing up, career planning, internal communications, etc.

  • Personal Development: leadership, imposter syndrome, confidence, personal branding, etc.

  • Freelancing & Business Ownership: legal, proposal building, finding clients, financial planning, etc.

💠 Pro Tip: Check out the Growclass course outline to ensure your proposed workshop isn't too similar to current offerings. Growclass is looking for workshops that support the marketing focus without being marketing specific.

➡️ Apply to get featured to the Growclass community via a workshop or webinar 🎉

#DirectAccess: As part of the "Tell us a little about yourself" question, you can add that you found out about this opportunity via Dreamers & Doers as the team is particularly excited to hear from you!

Disclaimer: While Dreamers & Doers has chosen to share this unpaid speaking opportunity due to the belief that not all gains come in monetary forms, there is, however, a problematic history of failing to recognize the labor of women, and particularly women of color, which can be perpetuated by such opportunities. Dreamers & Doers is working to push such conversations forward with a hope to change the internal policies of institutions without a history of compensating speakers. We also encourage those applying for this current and similar offerings to think creatively about other forms of compensation that may be beneficial to you such as having the institution guarantee social media shares, provide recordings of the event (where applicable), or ensure other further promotion of your work. Thank you for helping us be #BetterTogether.

** This is a D&D-exclusive offer—please don't share this outside D&D. Thank you!

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