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Ultimate Members Guide

This is your go-to resource for everything your Dreamers & Doers  membership has to offer.

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Welcome Dreamy Humans,

We’re so thrilled you’re here! Here’s the tour of our dreamy abode. Make yourself comfortable :-)

Check out this welcome video for a few pro tips and a 👋🏽 from our Founder:

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Our values


#BetterTogether. We are a collective of givers who turn mutual support into a competitive edge. We set healthy boundaries. It's the only way we can continue giving and show up as the best versions of ourselves.

#RealTalk. We show up with authentic vulnerability, honoring both the personal and the professional. By showing up as our whole authentic selves, we build stronger connections.

#Brag. We pick genuine positivity over judgment (including self-judgment) while leaving room for constructive feedback. We lift each other up and never ever tear each other down


#LetsDoThis. We can't be #bettertogether or pursue audacious dreams without follow-through. We pride ourselves on taking total accountability for our actions and destiny.


Private Collective

As a Dreamers & Doers member you have exclusive access to our private collective on Circle.

If you haven’t received your access to Dreamers & Doers private collective on Circle yet, email:


Amplifying you & your work

Engage in thought leadership opportunities via our dedicated editorial team and powerful content partners.


We also facilitate exclusive speaking opportunities through organizations such as TEDx and Harvard.

Discover all of your opportunities to be featured in via your weekly email and the visibility thread on Circle.

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Exclusive Events

Take advantage of the 100+ carefully curated events we host for you each year.

Connect and learn with fellow members through masterminds, mixers and more!

Access over 100 recorded deep dives from subject matter experts to uplevel your career.


Member perks

Supercharge your journey with powerful member offerings:


We host over 100 thoughtfully crafted virtual events per year all geared towards upleveling you, your business and career.


D&D is life-changing because of its members. Reach out to women you’d like to connect with through our Member Directory.


Check out D&D’s massive compilation of evergreen Top Offers from fundraising to visibility resources to support your growth.


Every Thursday you'll receive a members-only email summary with game-changing opportunities. This is the best way to stay on top of happenings and opportunities.


Transform your journey with fellow members' incredible products & services via D&D’s Perks, Products & Services Guide. // Submit your own.


From uncovering high-quality high-impact resources, to opportunities to connect online (and off), to making life-long friends; there is so much more to discover with D&D.

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You also have access to Dreamers & Doers' wider ecosystem which is less high-touch or curated, but that can still be utterly life-changing, depending on your specific needs.

Specifically, D&D Jobs & Careers with a reach of over 30K trailblazing women, is an incredibly powerful tool for finding your next hire or dream job.



Dreamers & Doers largely operates on a by-invitation/referral-only basis.

As a member, you're able to refer incredible women in your life for membership.


We're here for you

As a Dreamers & Doers member, you can reach out to us anytime via You can also schedule a 1x1 call with us to get a personalized D&D overview or to ask us any questions you may have. 
We’re so thrilled and grateful to be on this journey with you!

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