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New Member Referrals

Do you know impressive and values-aligned women who would benefit from joining and positively impact the collective?

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“This community is extremely well-managed—this is the true differentiator."

“The PR opportunities alone have been amazing value for the membership fee! I love this collective and am so honored to be a part of it.”

Tara Zedayko, Co-Founder & CEO, DIG LABS 

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Your referrals

You can refer up to 5 new members with this form but feel free to submit more than one form!

Learn more about how referrals work and who to refer below.

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Thank you - We’re so honored to be thoughtfully growing this community with the most amazing women in your life.

Dreamy humans you are referring

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Membership criteria for potential members

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They are high-caliber and impressive in more than one way. This can be past or current corporate and/or personal achievements.

They have something to contribute, i.e. will strongly enhance the community by joining. This can be in the form of knowledge or experience, relationships, resourcefulness, positivity, and more.

They're extremely values-aligned and a giver who thrives on supporting others while being able to set healthy boundaries.

They believe in mutual support and that a rising tide lifts all boats. #BetterTogether

They are entrepreneurial and have a strong business focus. For example: they're starting or scaling a company, working at a startup, are an investor, journalist, advisor, or another type of trailblazing and awe-inspiring, creator, change-maker, boundary-pusher and/or innovator. [FYI, our offerings tend to not be the best match for women who first and foremost identify as coaches.]

They are not joining to market products or services to fellow members. If they are, we’re not the right community for them.

*Dreamers & Doers is inclusive to all women and non-binary individuals who fit our membership criteria, regardless of biological gender, preferred pronouns or given names.

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How do I refer?
By submitting names and email addresses via the form above. #bam, that simple.


What happens next? 
They'll receive a full invitation with the membership lowdown from us and we'll mention that you referred them.


When can I refer?
You can refer at any time in the year, but we send out invitations to apply on a quarterly basis.


What happens if I refer someone after the referral deadline?

Any referrals received after the referral deadline will still count, but they'll be invited to apply the following quarter (not the current one).

What info can I pass on re: Dreamers & Doers to potential new members?
An in-depth overview of Dreamers & Does membership will be included in the email we send to potential new members. However, sharing your personal Dreamers & Doers experiences with a potential new member is invaluable.


Any further questions?

Shoot us a note:—we love hearing from you :)

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