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Get added to the Ossa x D&D database for podcast opps!


Get added to the Ossa x D&D database for podcast opps!

This is an ongoing opportunity and Ossa is about to resurface this database to their members—so if you haven't added yourself to the database yet, NOW is a great time to do so! We’re thrilled to be partnering with Ossa Collective (founded by long-time D&D member) to amplify you and the incredible work you’re doing!

Ossa is a diverse network of women podcasters with over 1,000 shows across every category and niche—from hard-hitting business topics to true crime and even comedy. They have a social following in the 7-figures across their accounts.

The podcasters within Ossa are regularly looking for guests to feature on their shows—which is where you come in 😉

⭐️ How to benefit from this opp: To get added to the Ossa x D&D podcast interviewee database (i.e. to be considered as a podcast guest on an ongoing(!) basis), you’ll simply fill out this short form with more information about you and the type of podcasts you’re interested in being featured on. Your information will be communicated exclusively to Ossa podcasters, who in turn will contact you directly for a collaboration if/when there is a relevant podcast for you to be featured on! #EasyPeasy


➡️ Fill out this form to be added to the Ossa x D&D database & be considered for ongoing podcast opportunities!

This is a D&D-exclusive opportunity. Please don’t share this opportunity outside D&D. Thank you!

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