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Publish your book via Wiley, a multinational publishing co

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Publish your book via Wiley, a multinational publishing co

📚Interested in publishing a book via a multinational publishing co? Connect with Wiley Business’ Acquisitions Editor! #DirectAccess

We're thrilled to bring this incredible offer back to you—and this time with an exciting update! Based on your submissions last year one of you has officially signed a deal with Wiley with your book coming out in 2024!! Wahoo congrats! 🥳 We hope for many more Wiley Dreamers & Doers published authors!

Without further ado, here's the lowdown for this ongoing offer:

We know many of you are considering writing books (or have already written books!)...but it can be hard getting a foot in with a major publishing company!

That’s why we're particularly thrilled to offer the opportunity to get directly connected to the multinational publishing company Wiley! Wiley has a HUGE footprint and has traditionally especially been known for text books. They’ve been making big investments in the business space and are actively connecting with promising authors to back and publish! (AKA that's where all of you come in!)

Dreamers & Doers Founder, Gesche Haas, connected with Wiley Businesses' Acquisitions Editor (who joined them after a 7-year run at Penguin where she helped publish NYT-bestselling authors!) and she is very keen to connect directly with Dreamers & Doers members!

They are interested in a wide range of business-related topics:

***"***Currently acquiring trade nonfiction books at Wiley and accepting queries. Seeking titles in leadership, self-improvement, wellness, positive psychology, and emerging technologies. Doing my best to uplift historically underrepresented and inclusive perspectives with special interest in disabled, neurodivergent, and LGBTQ+ voices."

💪🏽 Added inside scoop: She also likes the self-improvement/business crossover  that can feature many stories as examples—and added that business memoirs don't tend to do too well unless the person is HUGE.


➡️ Fill out this form to get connected with Wiley Business’ Acquisitions Editor! 💥 #DirectAccess

What happens next?

Their Acquisitions Editor will review the information and reach out directly to anyone who might be a fit to learn more about you and the book(s) you’re considering writing! She is VERY excited to connect with (hopefully many of) you!

💡 Pro tip (inside scoop!): Since they pay for publishing and a lot of the marketing, they do generally only take on authors/books where they believe they will breakeven (which makes sense :-)) which is pegged at roughly 10K books sold in the first year. So the more ideas you have on how your personal/business brand + reach can support the distribution of your book the better! Hope this leads to a few more of you getting those books you've been dreaming about...PUBLISHED and out in the world!!! 🔥🔥

This is a D&D-exclusive opportunity. Please don’t share this outside D&D. Thank you!

******FYI, important to note that every publisher has their own standard practices and in Wiley's case authors must assign copyright to the publisher (they can register the copyright in the author’s name, but the assignment gives Wiley the rights to produce and distribute the work). However, other publishers may be OK with assigning the copyright to the author—so if it's essential for you that the copyright is assigned to you (vs. the publisher) this opportunity with Wiley likely wouldn't be a good fit for you

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