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Share your founder journey & get feat. in this D&Der’s roundtable podcast

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Share your founder journey & get feat. in this D&Der’s roundtable podcast

Dreamer & Doer member, Amanda Berlin, recently relaunched her Emowered Publicty podcast featuring roundtable conversations with anywhere from 2-4 women founders.

These roundtables give air to the topics we don't talk about like what happens when you experience a contraction in business, what happens when your team isn't working out, what happens when you aren't owning your worth in your marketplace, how to pivot when you've plateaued, etc. 

With a commitment to bring the realness, Empowered Publicity makes it so we can all feel less isolated. Amanda asks the same of all her guests -- transparent, pitch-free conversations. Unvarnished realness. 

We are CERTAIN there are Dreamers & Doers women who would be a great fit for these conversations. All recordings are done via Zoom and scheduled from 11am-1pm ET (dates below) with the goal to keep them to an hour, so with internal introductions, they usually end at 12:30.

➡️ Interested? Fill out this form to be considered for a spot at a roundtable!🎉

🗓️ Available dates and subjects are listed below. Include your preferrence(s) and Amanda will be in touch!

August 16 - Welcoming Failure and the Up-and Down-sides of Resilience: How has grit served you and also undermined your success

September 13 - The Energy in Your Workplace: Have you created a supportive work environment, stories of how it’s been undermined, and the impact of both positive and negative energy in your business

October 11 - Negotiation and Assertiveness: Getting what you want and what you need and moments in time when this has not worked in your favor, or you pushed for something and it didn’t turn out how you expected

This is a D&D-exclusive opportunity, please don’t share this outside D&D. Thank you!

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