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Speak on the Brunch & Learn Podcast w/ visibility to 20K+ subscribers/followers

Speak on the Brunch & Learn Podcast w/ visibility to 20K+ subscribers/followers

We’re excited to be passing along this direct access podcast guest speaker opportunity about women in the food and culinary space.

The Brunch & Learn Podcast is a podcast for women who love brunch and learning something new everyday. Past episodes have featured women on the topics of finances/budgeting/money, women communities, travel, new mom life, food & hospitality, women in food, leadership, marketing & business, and many others! 

The Brunch & Learn podcast has a growing social and email community of 20K+ subscribers/followers (called Women Who Brunch). All podcast episodes are shared in their newsletter.

Right now, the Brunch & Learn Podcast is most excited about speaking to:

  • Food founders/CPG brands

  • Tood writers, editors, photographers/stylists

  • Chefs, pastry chefs/bakers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Cookbook authors

  • Food truck owners

  • Food scientists

  • Food advertising/PR

  • Wine, beer, non-alcoholic

➡️ To be considered as a guest, please email Nicole Monahan, Host of the Brunch & Learn podcast, at Share some background information on yourself, the topics you're excited to talk about, and be sure to mention that you found out about this opportunity via Dreamers & Doers! #DirectAccess

🙌🏽 Pro tip: Nicole is most enthusiastic about topics where she’s learning something new—so if you can position some interesting and tangible takeaways as part of your pitch/email to her, we highly recommend doing so. 🙂 

This is a D&D-exclusive opportunity. Please don’t share this outside D&D. Thank you!

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