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Membership is all about fit

That’s why we’ve made the cancellation process as seamless as possible for you.

...but you’ll of course be very missed!  

Did you know:

1) You have the option to switch to monthly payments after completing your first full quarter of membership?

2) If you're interested in an only PR or only community membership this may lower your financial investment.

If you're interested in either (or both) options, email us:

How do I cancel?

Fill out the form below; and you're done, that's it!

What will happen next?

  • We will cancel your membership and payments (you will not be charged again).

  • You will receive a confirmation cancellation email within 48 hours.

  • Once your current membership cycle ends:

    • You will no longer have access to any Dreamers & Doers membership privileges (including but not limited to exclusive media opportunities by PR Hype Machine, access to Circle, members-only events, member directory listing, and more).

Important notes:

  • Membership fees already paid are not refundable.

  • When you cancel you will continue to have membership access until your current membership cycle ends (membership cycle is determined by your payment schedule, i.e. if you paid for the year/quarter in full,
    it will be until the end of the specified annual/quarterly time period).

  • To rejoin, you may need to re-apply, higher membership fees and re-initiation fees may apply.

    • Most up-to-date member offerings and pricing can be found on the Membership page.


❤️ We can’t wait to continue rooting for you—wherever this wonderful journey takes you next!


Confirm your cancellation:

✓ Please check the box below to confirm your cancellation:

Help us improve! 

Your honest feedback is so very appreciated.

Thank you! We can't wait to continue rooting for you!

No further action is needed once you hit "submit" below. You'll receive a confirmation email within 48h (M-F). 

We'll issue a refund if you get charged between submitting this form and receiving your confirmation email.

P.S. If you'd like to rejoin at any time, you can email us and we'll help you determine best next steps. ❤️

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