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Megan Berry Is Paving a Trail in Tech and Leadership. Here’s How.

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Megan Berry, the Group Product Manager for Mobile Platform at Klaviyo, has forged an impressive path in the tech space. From her early days as a community manager to her current leadership role at a company transforming customer data management, her journey is nothing short of inspiring.  

Megan was first introduced to the world of tech with a simple yet impactful childhood passion for creating. She built her first website at the age of 11 and soon dove into the world of programming. Those early experiences, combined with her natural ability to understand customer needs, laid the foundation for her journey as a product manager. At Klaviyo, Megan’s leadership style is defined by her commitment to continuous learning, a deep understanding of the “why” behind her actions, and her dedication to nurturing her team’s career aspirations. Her role extends beyond mere job responsibilities, as she seeks to create an environment where her team feels valued and motivated. 

We asked Megan about how her career background led to where she is today, the leadership skills she’s most proud of having honed, and the advice she would give someone starting out on the journey she’s currently on.

Tell us about your career background. How has it led you to where you are today?

I started my career as a community manager. I learned how to really listen to customers. I encourage any product manager to spend some time in community management, customer success, or customer support, even if it is just shadowing that role in your current company. I can’t overstate how much listening and understanding your customers will impact your ability to make good product decisions. 

From there, I was Head of Product at two different early-stage, remote startups for about 10 years combined. I learned how to manage and build great products remotely pre-Covid-19 when it was less common. I learned how to communicate even more clearly and thoughtfully because of the remote nature of the work, which makes me a better manager. Then, in October 2022, I joined Klaviyo as Group Product Manager for Mobile Platform. Klaviyo went public in September of 2023. It’s been rewarding to be part of that journey to IPO. 

What, in the earlier parts of your career, best prepared you for this particular role?

If we go way back, I created my first website when I was 11. I started programming soon after. I only earned the smallest amount from affiliate revenue from writing book reviews, but I got a real joy of creation out of it. There is something incredibly rewarding about creating something out of nothing. That is what we are lucky enough to get to do working in product management and engineering. 

What piece of advice has played the biggest role in your career so far?

When I was a teenager and would take a big test or even the SAT, my dad would always remind me to have fun. At the time, I rolled my eyes at him. The truth is, approaching challenges and problems from a perspective of having fun instead of stress unlocks your ability to be creative. To this day, I find when I can approach problems from a more light-hearted perspective, I collaborate better and get to better end-solutions. 

I always try to lead with the “why.” When we are all on the same page about why we are doing something, we can get to better solutions together.

What is the most rewarding part about your current role?

It’s the people. I love solving problems with smart, caring people. I feel lucky that I get to do that every day at Klaviyo right now. 

What leadership skills are you most proud of having honed?

I’m always working to be a better leader. I think that’s probably the most important skill—never stop learning. Two additional things also come to mind. First, I try to lead with the “why.” When we are all on the same page about why we are doing something, we can get to better solutions together. Second, I try my best to help my team excel in their own personal career goals. I believe people do their job best when they feel happy and valued at work. 

What’s something you do outside of work that makes you a better leader?

I have two kids. They are the most important thing in my life by a large margin. Having kids has increased my empathy, multitasking skills, and productivity, making me more emotionally steady at work too. Since I know what matters most in my life, I can more easily weather different work challenges. 

What do you look for when hiring someone on your team?

I’ve hired for product management, community management, and customer support roles. There are always job-specific skills to check for, but the biggest thing I’m looking for is people who want to learn and can respond well to feedback. Really listening to feedback and then figuring out how to improve and adapt is one of the hardest things to do and one of the quickest ways to unlock learning and career growth. 

What advice would you give someone starting out on the journey you’re on?

Be curious and follow what interests you. There are so many different ways to work in tech and so many different ways to be a product manager. You won’t love every minute of your job, but the more you can overlap what you like doing with your job, the better off you’ll be. When you are in times of doubt, talk to others in the same career who are in different stages and companies to fully understand what’s out there. Don’t be afraid to try a new role, company, or a challenge. Lastly, always work with people and companies that treat you with respect—don’t settle for anything less! 

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